OHTA Haruka

OHTA Haruka


Graduate School of Art and Design, Design Course, Architecture of Musashino Art University in 2010. OHTA grew up in the suburbs of Tokyo in the 80's in an unencumbered environment. Perhaps because of this, he is interested in stereotypical and anonymous scenery. He develops his works in correlation with architecture and scenery. His works include video, photography, sculpture, and installation.

About works / performance

Architecture is a fiction. When OHTA thought about the relationship between architectural models and actual architecture, he felt the models had more substance, and this is the feeling that began to emerge. The scenery is a collection of such fictions. His surroundings were filled with such sceneries. Material scenery. Scenery as society. Scenery as a symbol. What does scenery represent? It is very difficult to relate to the fictional scenery, and in some cases it may just break through a kind of the cinema screen and go out the back side. But then he will look at the scenery on the back side and observe it.

Someday scenery 2022
video, 7'16''  “I always wish you good luck.” Art Plug Yeonsu, Participation as Land-ing page(group with Open Circuit, Tomoko Takemasa, Haruka Ohta)

VOID 2020 building materials, installation 
“KAZA-ANA a.k.a. VOID” Arai Associates,
Photo by Kazuki Yamakura

A Next Building 2020 
 “Time Department Store No.1”ELEPHANTSPACE、Seoul Collaborate with Open circuit 

house continued from 2019
lambda print, 400×300(incl frame)

Timber 2018
Video installation 2'50'' “TELEPORTATION” Super Open Studio, Collaborate with Tomoko Takemasa Cast Haruka Ohta, Tomoko Takemasa

OUTSIDE goes outside 2016
building materials, video, installation (video1. 28'53'' video2. 8:03 video3. 7'56'') “correct way of distortion”, Gallery Coexist Tokyo, Photo by Kazuki Yamakura