1980  Born in Hokkaido
2005 Graduated from Oil Paint Course, Tama Art University, Tokyo
Lives and works in Tokyo and works as director at XYZ collective, an artist-run space in Tokyo.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013 "Awake or Asleep" Sprout Curations, Tokyo
2010 "Trust" Casaasia, Barcelona, Spain
2008 "Missing Mass III", space23 degrees C, Tokyo
2007 "Missing Mass II", hiromiyoshii, Tokyo
2007 "Missing Mass I", hiromiyoshii, Tokyo

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 "The Way of Painting" Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo
2014 "Cool Invitations" THE STEAK HOUSE DOSKOI! , XYZ collective Tokyo
2013 "NADA Miami Beach 2013" Miami, USA
2013 "Imprisoned, Jailbreak" TXYZ collective Tokyo
2013 "Blue Valentine" TXYZ collective Tokyo
2011 "Good Night Mihokanno" Akiba Tamabi 21, Chiyoda Arts 3331, Tokyo
2011 "Family Affair" XYZ Collective, Tokyo
2011 "cross counter" capsule, Tokyo
2011 "Zen & Psychedelic", Sprout Curations, Tokyo
2011 "Mishikan Haming", Alternative Space Gell, Tokyo
2010 "Tokyo Story" TWS Hongo, Tokyo
2009 "Hello MIHOKANNO" TWS Shibuya, Tokyo
2009 "IMAGINARY MUSEUM OF THE O-COLLECTION magical museum tour Room7" TWS Hongo, Tokyo
2008 "FAXINATION" LOYAL, Stockholm, Sweden
2008 "Virshaba through Mithuna" hiromiyoshii, Tokyo
2006 "After The Reality" Deitch Projects, New York
2005 "Zone-Poetic Moment" TWS Hongo, Tokyo

About works / performance
 ≪untitled≫2008, watercolor on paper 130x92cm

Group Exhibition "ZONE - POETIC MOMENT -" (2005, TWS Hongo)