update: 2014.10.1


Born in 1981 Graduated from Concervatory of Pantin, Paris with a D.E.M in Electroacoustic Music in 2013.
Recent 5 main activities are sound creation for dance-show ("Veine" , 2014,Theater "Le Cratère", A:ès/France), sound diffusion for movie ("Les chaises de dieu" , 2014,Milan Film Festival), sound creation ("Bande Originale" with the Collectiv MU,2014,Paris), concert (Festival Champs Sonores, 2014, France) concert/sound installation for National Days of Patrimony ("Cargo Fantôme", 2013, Pabtin/France)

Pierre Mourles is a French musician/composer. He has begun his artistic career in contemporary dance. He studied electronic music at Conservatoire of Pantin and jazz music at Arpej Jazz School. He has been awarded of the Sacem price for his DEM degree in electroacoustic music. His musical practice so remains intimately linked to a reflection rooted in concerns over how choreography navigates between narration and abstraction, between raw sensation and expansive metaphor. His performances can take the form of acoustic concert, sound installation or sound-design for movies and dance show. His compositions have been played in France, Spain, America, Germany and Iran.

About works / performance

Champs Sonores.jpeg

Champs Sonores 2014 concert Festival Champs Sonore

Milan FIlm Festival.png

Les chaises de dieu 2014 sound creation for Milan Film Festival, Jérôme Walter Gueguen

Bande Originale.jpeg

Bande Originale  2014 sound creation, Collectif Mu

Audible Festival.jpeg

Interferences 2013 sound diffusion

Cargo Fantôme.jpeg

Cargo Fantome 2014 sound creation, Maire de Pantin