KIM Insook

KIM Insook

update: 2021.8.27

KIM Insook
Visual Art
OPEN SITE (2021.10 - 2021.11)
金 仁淑

Born in 1978. Kim’s projects deal with immigrants and members of local communities while exploring themes of memory, history, tradition, diversity, and interrelatedness. Focusing on processes of communication, she creates installations incorporating photography, video, and sound.

Recent activities:
"I know something about love, Asian contemporary," Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, 2018
Solo Exhibition "Between Breads and Noodles," BMW photo space, Busan, 2018
"Family Report," Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan, South Korea, 2017
"Go-Betweens: The World Seen through Children," Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2014
Solo Exhibition "sweet hours," Gwangju Museum of Art, 2008

Recent awards:
"FOUND of International exchange exhibition," Arts Council Korea, 2018
Korean Artist Project 2014, The Korean Art Museum Association, Korea
MIO Photo Award Prime, nominated by KASAHARA Michiko, Osaka, 2013 

About works / performance

House to Home, “Moving" 2021

Hose to Home, Come on Ceremony #Ceremony 2016

Ari, A letter from Seongbuk-dong 2015

House to Home, Residents' furniture 2015