update: 2012.6.1


Mirak Jamal is an artist born in Tehran, Iran. After the revolution of 1979, he and his
family moved to the former Soviet Union, Germany, the U.S., and most recently Canada - where he gained his citizenship in 2008. Not bound to any one medium, his work echoes a process between autobiographical anecdotes and collective historiographies. He currently resides in Berlin from where he has exhibited in New
York, Istanbul, Toronto, Berlin, Tokyo, Marrakech, and on.


About works / performance

20111111111111111s is pronounced "two thousand elevens". It is an exhibition platform set in theme to the year 2011, and inspired by its many towering events and untold accounts captured through a complex of perspectives. The cacophony that dominated the headlines of last year was transmitted through the many channels of mainstream media and social networks. Within the constraint of a unified space and as a counterpoint to the lifespan of a news story, the assemblage of works in the exhibition aim to trigger responses that communicate tangible and virtual experiences, immediate or distant realities of that year. 2011 will thereto be mirrored in fragments, where the gaze of the inceptor (the artist) is carried out in condensation towards object-pieces and media works. The artworks function as mementos that trigger points of (re-) discovery in which to connect a bygone time to our mendable present.


Gestures, 2012, video loop, with Nine Yamamoto-Masson