HOU I-Ting

HOU I-Ting


Born in Taiwan Kaohsiung (1979), lives and works in Taipei.
Graduated from Tainan National University of the Arts in 2007
Recent 5 main activities are;
Sewing Field- Hou, I Ting solo exhibition, 2015, Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei.
Returning Sight: The Fissures of Moving Image, Tina Keng Gallery, Taipei.
The Testimony of Food: Ideas and Food, 2015, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Galleries 1A, 1B, Taipei.
FOTOSEPTIEMBRE USA, 2015, Web Gallery.
Wonder women, 2015, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, U.S.A.

Hou, I-Ting received a Bachelor in Fine Arts at the Taipei National University of the Arts, and a Master's degree at Tainan National University of the Arts in Taiwan. Digital images and video (performance) art are Hou's mediums of choice; she also explores the possibilities of image art through many other mediums. Her work often features the human body (as situated) in the rapidly changing contemporary society, and examines the ways in which digital technology and machines alter the functions of the human behavior.

In Her earlier of work, based on live performances using her own body, has undergone various developments and includes various approaches. She examines subject/object issues in a contemporary society as dominated by consumer and web culture. She combines realistic and virtual interfaces to present a dynamic environment that features de-centralized characters and situations that reflect the multi-faceted nature of individualistic expression.
In her recent project at Tina keng Gallery in Taipei, Aptly titled Sewing Fields, the solo exhibition investigates the relationship between the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) sector and Taiwan's socio-economic development. OEM industries in Taiwan have been a tremendous driving force in the island's economy. Xiu chang -- literally meaning "sewing fields," and pronounced identically as the Chinese term for "show stage" -- is a playful pun that places a forgotten folk art within a contemporary art context. Through the physical action of sewing, the artist evokes complex social undertones that lie between the visible and invisible of Taiwan's deeply rooted OEM production structure.
In the duration of the exhibition, the artist collaborates with multiple workers to produce her work on site. The artist and participating workers don the same uniforms, engaged in similar movements, each working on the piece in their designated area, moving toward the completion of the exhibition until the exhibition ends.

About works / performance

Sewing Field-1.jpg

Sewing Field-1 2015 Performance

Sewing Field-2.jpg
Sewing Field-2 2015 Performance

Sewing Field-3.jpg
Sewing Field-3 2015 Performance

Sewing Field-4.jpg
Kiànn-tsí Mixed media, alloy, cloth

Sewing Field-5.jpg
li̍k-sú tsiam-tsí lâng no.1 2015 Digital print, embroidery
60 x 40cm

Sewing Field-6JPG.JPG
li̍k-sú tsiam-tsí lâng no.2 2015 Digital print, embroidery
60 x 40cm

Sewing Field-7.JPG
li̍k-sú tsiam-tsí lâng no.3 2015 Digital print, embroidery
60 x 40cm

Sewing Field-8JPG.JPG
li̍k-sú tsiam-tsí lâng no.4 2015 Digital print, embroidery
60 x 40cm

The Presence of Silence jpg.jpg
The Presence of Silence 2015 Video installation


RST-T 2014 Performance/Video

RSI-T-Orthotics no.1.jpg
RSI-T-Orthotics no.1 2014 Performance/Video

Please swipe again.png
Please swipe again 2013 Performance/Video

Agency of Reality.jpg
Agency of Reality