Born in 1986 in Taichung, Taiwan. With a new media art mater of fine art degree from Taipei National University of the Arts and an architecture master from National Chiao Tung University in 2013.
Recent 5 main activities are "Beijing Design Week: NEWGEN Design Exhibition"/2013/ Beijing 798 Art District, "Kaohsiung Awards"/2013/Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, "I'm Here"/2013/ Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, "Inter-Act!"/2013/Hong Kong K11, "THE AVANT/GARDE DIARIES-TAIPEI A VOICE Mercedes-
Benz"/2013/ Taipei Huashan 1914 Creative Park. Honors include: Kaohsiung Award of Merit, Taipei Digital Art Awards Selected work, Mercedes-Benz AVANT/GARDE DIARIES Group show.
His works also were exhibited in Hong Kong, Kentong, Beijing.

About works / performance

Chunang's expertise is the interactive between light and space installation art. The works were inspired from his attention on delicate life experiences. He cares about the interrelationship between people, objects, space and environment. His background of fine art and architecture duo specialties prompted him to experiment how digital tools and technical materials could be applied on the crossover of new media art and architecture to create some possibilities of collaboration.

01-Weight of the Soul.jpg
Weight of the Soul
, 2012, Fluorescent Lamp, electron device, kinetic machines, 400(L)x500(W)x350(H) cm (dimension
variable) Photo by: Raymond Huang

02-Weight of the Soul.jpg
Weight of the Soul
, 2012, Fluorescent Lamp, electron, device, kinetic machines, 400(L)x500(W)x350(H) cm (dimension variable)

03-Surfing on the Ray of Light.jpg
Surfing on the Ray of Light
, 2009, Fluorescent Lamp, electron device, 100(L)x 500(W)x250(H) cm (dimension variable)

04-Condensation in the Float.jpg
Condensation in the Float
, 2013, Fluorescent Lamp, electron device, kinetic machines. 800(L)x100(W)x300(H) cm (dimension variable)

05-Floating field.jpg
Floating field
, 2012. Fluorescent Lamp, electron device. 300(L)x 150(W)x150(H) cm(dimension variable)

06-The Growth Project:Infection(Taiwan).jpg
The Growth Project: Infection(Taiwan)
, Cold-cathode fluorescent lamps, electron device, lant, (dimension variable)