Born in 1977. Graduated from Photography and Visual Arts in 2004.

Making of 2012, curated by Kevin Muhlen, Casino Luxembourg Forum d'Art Contemporain, Luxembourg (L);
Cosmogonies random 2012 Centre d'Art Dominique Lang, Dudelange (L);
Mutation 3, public images, private view, (ULTRANATURE) 2011, for the Month of Photography, CarréRotondes, Luxembourg (L);
Tuscany, 2011, curated by Pier Luigi Tazzi, Fondazion Baldi, Pelago (I);
GE/09, 2009, curated by Filippo Maggia, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Guarene (I);

Leonora Bisagno is a visual artist. Her artistic research concerns a permanent quest of world's insight and a reflection on representation. Her exhibitions display a multiplicity of images, ideas and objects that reassembled in a sensitive game of corre¬spondences generate a poetic vision. In the world of small things her research is characterized by fragmentation and re-assemblage and explores the concepts of trace and memory.Her collection of fragments begins the foundation of an identitary and relational course and opens to an heuristic of possibilities.

Together with Bruno Baltzer, they created a freshly new born duo of artists: ultranature. Their work is a combination of different poetics and practices, aiming to the experimentation of media cross-reference within an intimate engagement concerning topics such as nature, nowadays living, as well as social and political questions. At Tokyo Wonder Site, Leonora Bisagno and Bruno Baltzer will develop their common project ultranature.

About works / performance

Ultranature is an artistic collaboration which aims to the reflection on the concept of relation in itself, expressed though a dichotomic tension. The strain between public and private domains, consciousness' queries towards reality and human projections, strategies of dissimulation as well as unexpected revelations, the coexistence of natural and artificial realities unfold in their practice.
In a flux of images similar to a blog-like artwork, built on a sequence of chapters and in a world in which personal worlds slightly disappear, ultranature blends the lightness of playing and experimenting as well as intimacy with global questions in which media and communication play a relevant role in their work. Analytic processes and an undisguised attitude to revelation intentionally coexist. Ultranature wishes to freely explore complexity.

ultranature1_2010, part of installation
jungle_poster out of a postcard, 120 x 160 cm, unique piece


ultranature1_2010, part of installation
untitled_poster, c-prints, digital prints_variable dimensions cm, unique pieces

unique c-print 40x60cm, for ensemble of 4 pictures

ultranature 6_19 Février 2010 20:56 Maybe that is you
serie of 24 pieces
«Maybe that is you»
Lambda print, diasec finish, 152x125cm, unique piece

Européan Month of Photography Luxembourg
Mutations III : Public Images -- Private View
CarréRotondes 04.28 - 05.29.2011

never ending series
«work not for Luxembourg_03»
ultranature10_2011 never ending serie
«work not for Luxembourg_03»
Lambda print, maple frame, 100x120cm & 16x24cm, unique pieces

ultranature 8_l'aura ultranature8_2011_capture 02
video loop: 00:00:1


ultranature3_installation view
ultranature3_2011__installation view
SRISA contemporary Art Gallery | Firenze
simoultaneous video projection:
oplehaut1 00:00:14 - oplehaut2 00:00:24 loop