Rania Fouad AHMED

Rania Fouad AHMED


Born in 1975
Graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts - Helwan University  in 1998

Recent 5 main activities are:
On The Road in / 2013/ Caravan Festival  in Saint Paul Cathedral of London-England,
Her Space / 2013 / Palace of Arts in Cairo -Egypt : Golden prize in 56th Salon Du Caire
Her Space / 2012 / Egyptian Art Academy of Rome -Exhibition L'Artista e il Professore,
Seeing / 2012/ Tsukuba Fine Art Museum in Tsukuba City-Japan

Artist in residence program within Egypt's Western Desert, 2013 , Culture palace in Siwa Oasis & Mahmoud Mokhtar museum

Solo Exhibition /2011 / Moineau Gallery in Tokyo

Exhibiting with photographer Tsunemi Fujiyo /2011/ JICA Global PLAZA (Tokyo City)
event hosted by Egyptian Embassy and cultural office in Japan

Participating in " Real-time Documentary Embroidery projects with artists Aviv Kruglanski and Vahida Ramujkic/ 2008- 2011/ Town house gallery in Cairo & La Capella art center in Barcelona
Received Japanese Government Scholarship Monbukagakusho / from 2009 to 2012 / studied in Tsukuba  University

Participated in SWY 19 (Ship For World Youth international cultural program) /2007/ Japan- Ship sailing in pacific ocean, port of calls :Australia - New Zealand & Vanuatu).

Teaching experience -American University in Cairo  / Visual Arts Department & Helwan University Faculty of Fine Arts / Painting Department  )

About works / performance

In my works I am usually concerned the following concepts :
- Appropriation of traditional and cultural motifs. 
- Mixing Borders between cities, identities ,society and cultures. 
-Observing and reconstructing new meanings based on the way images and texts might appear to us when set out of its usual context.
-Create art works overlaid with the unique contour line of experience.
- Mind mapping and real time documentary projects.  
- Constructing coded visual language that speaks of my encounter with the other ...visualizing inner spaces into which people might reside and refuge.
-Implementing craft as an approach to re-assure one 's self at time of (personal or social) crises / turmoil.

Ahmed_seeing  jpg with white background.jpg

2012-Work consists of 3 panels, Left and right panels: 162x97cm, Middle panel: 162x162cm, Medium: Oil painting, egg tempera, masking tape and transfer print on primed canvas mounted on wooden panel

Ahmed_her space 3-.jpg
Her space no.3
2010, oil on wooden panel, 120cm height x 91 cm width

Ahmed_Jizo on the wall 2.jpg
Jizō on the Wall
2012, video/ painting installation based on project in public space

Ahmed_folded map - mind mapping project.jpg
6 hours of mind mapping in Cairo
2013, Multi layered folded map -digital print and silver leaf on 29,7 x 42 cm Kelk paper

Ahmed_2013  - on the road - oil painting on  polyester sculpture    -.jpg
On the Road
2013, life-size painted sculpture -oil painting on primed polyester

Burdat Al Madeh
Detail from embroidery scroll , yarn on canvas, 35 x 90 cm, (2008-2010/Cairo- Barcelona), From real time documentary project, Workshops done in collaboration with artists Aviv Krugl