egonaku Coincideaudio “COINCIDE”


egonaku Coincideaudio “COINCIDE”

OPEN SITE 5 | Open Call Program【Performance】

Written & Directed by ANASAKO Shinichi 

"otozurenai hi no tameni" 2017
Written & Directed by ANASAKO Shinichi  

Written & Directed by ANASAKO Shinichi   

Group leader Anasako believes that the roots of the act of rhyming words are in causing the sounds and meanings of words to coincide, or synchronize. Depending on the structure of a rhyming verse, it can convey a sense of intentionality or unintentionality, and the group explores the possibilities of the process of words starting to take on new definitions, which they describe as “the inducement of drama through language.” Through the capricious transmutation of meaning and sound, they aim to stage works of drama that alter the landscape in the manner of a multifaceted crystal reflecting light, and to reinterpret relationships between text and performance.

*The contents of the performance will be changed due to the situation affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Booking is now being suspended.
The latest information will be updated on this page and TOKAS SNS. (2021/1/13)

This performance was scheduled to be held at TOKAS Hongo, but due to the spread of COVID-19 and the declaration of the state of emergency in Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka, where the members are based, we will shift the performance format to digital and release it as "the work that crosses the border between theater and music." (2021/1/22)

[From egonaku (2021/1/28)]
COINCIDE is a work that explores the simultaneity of meaning and sound, which was inspired by the act of stepping on the rhyme in HIP HOP. Therefore, we think that the utterance by actors, which can be recognized as both talking and singing, has a very high affinity with the format of audio works.
In the new format "Coincideaudio," the drama of egonaku is released as an audio work. Focusing on the original concept of "simultaneity," we aim to bring daily life and drama at the same time. It is recommended that you listen (watch) it while doing something in your favorite place, such as on the train or in bed, and that will be a different viewing experience what you get when you watch video works on the computer monitor. You can go back and play again where you missed and repeat your favorite scenes. We aim to create the work that fits into a part of our lives like music. It is a drama that you can hum if you remember it like song.
We hope this work will be appreciated as a musical/drama that draws you to dramatic/music experience.

Online streaming is available from 2021/1/29 (Fri) 19:00 to 3/29 (Mon) 23:59.

2021/1/29 (Fri) ★19:00 - 
2021/1/30 (Sat) ★14:00 -,  19:00 -  
2021/1/31 (Sun) 12:00 -,  15:30 - 
* Door opens 30 minutes prior to the performance. 
★After talk  (Available only in Japanese)
1/29 (Fri) Guest: HOSOMA Hiromichi (Behavioral scientist / Professor, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Waseda University) 
1/30 (Sat) Guest: TBA
3,000 yen 
CapacityNo limit
Bandcamp (Available from 2021/2/1)

Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo Space C (3F)
PerformerOZEKI Suzune, KINOSE Masaki, TANAKA Mikie 


This group was formed in 2012 and is headed by Anasako Shinichi. Its activities involve creating and performing new plays. These dramas incorporate lyrics and are characterized by a focus on “the insignificance of the individual,” based on an approach applying musical elements to speech and structure, while exploring the fundamental nature of the world.

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