Dr. Christian DIMPKER "Warenwirtschaft"


Dr. Christian DIMPKER "Warenwirtschaft"

OPEN SITE 2017-2018




TitleDr. Christian DIMPKER "Warenwirtschaft"
OPEN SITE 2017-2018
Date2017.11.17(Fri) - 2017.11.18(Sat)
JPY 1,800-
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Arts Program and Residency Division
Jade Fundation, innogy foundation
 Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo

Warenwirtschaft transcends the boundaries of music performances, sound art and media art as well as the historical categories of musique concrète and elektronische Musik. The players combine vacuum cleaners and harmonicas, scrape on tam-tams and let the room resonate in this highly experimental work of art.


N. 10 Sýnthesis: For ring and amplitude modulated oscillators, Christian Dimpker, ca. 16'
FSK, Robert Schwarz, ca. 8'
PLW, Robert Schwarz, ca. 7'
N. 21 Warenwirtschaft: For 2-3 players, information and communication technology, consumer electronics, home appliances, household items, microphones, loudspeakers, harmonicas and tam-tams, Christian Dimpker, 22' + ∞  

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Robert SCHWARZ works in the intersection of sound, architecture and fine art in various artistic and experimental settings. He holds a Master of Architecture degree from Vienna University of Technology, and a Master of Arts from Berlin University of the Arts and studied computer music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. His installation works have been presented at museums and festivals such as Brussels Etablissement d´en Face, Kunsthalle Vienna, MAK Center for Art and Architecture Los Angeles, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Club Transmediale Berlin, Singuhr Hörgalerie and TONSPUR Vienna. He released compositions on the labels Laton, Vienna Wildstyle Recordings, Sonic Terrain, AVA and Gruenrekorder. 

NOJIRI Sayaka has performed in Japan, Austria and U.S, etc. She studied at Musashino Academia Musicae and Diploma, and wined the scholarship. She received Grand Prix and Iwaki prize in Japan Percussion New Artist Competition and more. Her ground is so wide and she has a variety of talents as "Watching, Listning, Feeling Music". She performs all over the country as the Public hall Music Activation Project Artist and her lifework is the outreach activity as well as the concert in schools or any other places. She has released 3 CDs (the first prize of 2011). It is said she displays her outstanding ability with her fantastic technique, creativity, and musical sensitivity.
Dr. Christian DIMPKER

Born in 1982, in Hamburg, Germany. Composer and music theorist. His compositions explore unconventional fields of notation, by developing an extensive notation system for extended playing techniques as well as electroacoustic music.


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Dr. Christian DIMPKER