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TWS-NEXT @tobikan -air in between-




TitleTWS-NEXT @tobikan -air in between-
Date2017.2.18(Sat) - 2017.3.5(Sun)
Time9:30 - 17:30
Days of Extended HoursUntil 20:00 on 2.24(Fri) and 3.3(Fri)
Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
VenueTokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Gallery B (B3F, 8-36 Ueno-Koen Taito-ku, Tokyo)
Marico Aoki, Hisaya Ito, Mariko Tomomasa

Since its opening in 2001, Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) has been engaged in the discovery, fostering and support of young artists, implementing such programs as "TWS-NEXT", "TWS-Emerging" and artist residencies that offer continuous support to young artists that have previously participated in TWS's programs. In addition to the existence of air as an element, we sometimes perceive air from a psychological standpoint. Themed around "air" as something that emerges from the relationships between nature, objects and humans, this exhibition introduces artworks through which their respective creators manifest their own and other people's existence, and examine the human mentality and social environments that become visible from there. The three featured artists' interpretations of "air" showcase new possibilities in the varied relationships that we are part of.


Marico Aoki

Two heartbeats 2016 photo

[TWS-Emerging 2014]
Assuming that all things in the world have a soul, each of these souls exists in its own time and space, and even though we seem to be all living in the same world, it appears to me that our existence takes place in multiple spirit worlds that never intersect with each other. Aren't we in fact living in a chaotic accumulation of countless tiny worlds within a space as large and limitless as the universe? My work sculpting various vessels, each charged with its own unique soul, represents an attempt to create a chaotic, limitless universe of sorts that contains countless individual worlds.
Hisaya Ito

something remember 2011 photo

[Exchange Residency Program , 2014]
There are various interesting things I encounter in everyday life - a funny old lady, an old building, or a strange situation. Such things inspire me to think about the schemes and structures of the world, and it appears to me that, right now, this is what my creative work is all about.
Mariko Tomomasa

That is My Father. 2016 Video

[Exchange Residency Program , 2013] One of the pleasant things about knowing the constellations is that you can imagine how, a long time ago, people looked up to the sky and connected the dots they saw to make up stories and fictional creatures. So I call any objects lying around "father" and "son" for example. I explain how a scrubbing brush or a mountain can be a father, and even if no-one believes and trusts me, I make every effort to define them as fathers. I interpret the thumbtacks and brooms in front of me as base stations for communication between myself and others. The "others" are far away, while mountains and stepladders are just too close. This is how I am exploring the relationships that emerge when putting a certain distance between "myself" and "others".

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Participating Creator

AOKI Marico
ITO Hisaya