TWS-Emerging 2016 [Part.1 - Part.2]


TWS-Emerging 2016 [Part.1 - Part.2]




TitleTWS-Emerging 2016 [Part.1 - Part.2]
Date2016.4.9(Sat) - 2016.6.19(Sun)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
VenueTWS Shibuya
Ever since its opening in 2001, Tokyo Wonder Site has undertaken a wide range of programs to support and foster young artists. One such program, TWS-Emerging, is associated with the open call exhibition, Tokyo Wonder Wall, which has been providing talented young artists with a gateway to success. Each year, 100 artists are selected from approximately 1000 applicants. TWS-Emerging offers the opportunity for those selected artists to take part in another exhibition at Tokyo Wonder Site, we have introduced over 250 artists. For TWS-Emerging 2016, 18 young artists were chosen to show their works at TWS Shibuya. They are also invited to participate in a number of programs at TWS as well as residency programs conducted in association with overseas residencies under TWS's international exchange programs. 

2016.4.9 (Sat) -5.8 (Sun)
252 Shusuke Tanaka 253 Takahiro Osugi 254 Rina Tanaka 

2016.5.21 (Sat) -6.19 (Sun) 
255 Shinobu Hanazawa 256 Nanae Nakano 257 Hiroaki Yoshida