Melanie Windl "real-time operator"


Melanie Windl "real-time operator"

- TEF Vol.10 Sound Installation /Second term [Open Call Program]



TitleMelanie Windl "real-time operator"
TEF Vol.10 Sound Installation /Second term [Open Call Program]
Date2016.1.9(Sat) - 2016.2.7(Sun)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
VenueTWS Hongo
Melanie Windl
The installation for six huge balloons, three microphones, three computers and six exciters creates an experimental space which invites to immerse into a process of playful investigation. Visual, auditory and tactile sensations, the resonance between the visitors and the artificial environment function as keynotes of the work. The works is located on the intersection between sound-art, media-art, sculpture and design. Visitors may explore and examine their vital role in this artwork and experience the dissolving of the boundaries between artist and audience.   

"Baryo-Genesis" 2015

"Suomalainen Äänimaisema" 2015

"for a creek" 2013


Melanie Windl

Melanie Windl is a German artist, working on the edges of the media sound, video, sculpture and space. Windl merges these various levels to complex audiovisual environments. Simple objects serially assembled form large biomorphic structures. They contain groups of sound-transmitters playing multi-channel audio-compositions. For the composition process Windl creates her own sonic material during sound-research sessions in the laboratory. Windl also examines the world of sound around her with field recordings and interviews.

Melanie Windl on her artistic work and production processes

In my work I analyze the three dimensional aspects of space, object and sound. I merge these three levels to synesthetic unities, to large scale audiovisual installations. I distinguish three different spaces: The spatial acoustics, the spatial arrangement and the spatial surrounding.

- Three-dimensional expansion of sound
By the use of multi-channel audio I am composing three dimensional audible layers for audio-visual installations. For displaying the sound I often install loudspeakers into the sculptural elements of the works. By specifically directing the sonic waves I multiplex, scatter and form them to acoustic architectural-like aggregates.

- Three-dimensional arrangement of material
On a firm sculptural level I am arranging mass products like plastic-balls or rubber-balloons to sculptural scenes. Arranged elements seem to resemble either natural forms like foam of tiny frog spawn or mathematical and artificial schemes of nature.

- Spatial setting for an artwork
For my works site-visits are crucial. They establish a site responsive working process during the creation of a new piece. The format and atmosphere inspires the spatial conception of the piece. The surrounding and the art-piece bond to a specific environment.

- Interactivity as space for creative experiments
In my latest body of work I'm exploring the level of interactivity. The audience itself now gets into the position of composing the sound by their own actions and decisions when investigating the art piece. This creates an experimental space for surprising findings: The boundaries dissolves between artist and audience, the art piece invites to act and react while it constantly changes.

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Booking should be made by E-mail (
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Please note that date or program of the event is subject to change.
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Please note that exhibiton "real-time operator" will be temporary closed from 17:00 on Feb 7 (Sun.). We apologize for any inconvenience.