Traces Collective "Input Place in Space A"


Traces Collective "Input Place in Space A"

TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.8 ― TEF Performance *Open Program




TitleTraces Collective "Input Place in Space A"
TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.8 ― TEF Performance *Open Program
Admission1,500 yen *Reservation required
OrganizeTokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
Goethe-Institut Tokyo, Polish Institute Tokyo
VenueTWS Shibuya

Input Place in Space A has taken floor plans of the performance space itself as an open score on which to layer sound, language, and movement explorations. These multiple scores have undergone an on-site refinement processing, from which has emerged this final version of Input Place in Space A. Tracing the echoes and shadows of past and possible places in Space A, this performance brings out the resonant qualities of the environment itself. 

Support: The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation


Ticket Booking

November 30 (Sat), 2013| 19:00-
* Door opens 30 minutes before the performance starts.

[Booking is now closed]
Day of perfomance tickets will be available from 18:30.
Please visit reception desk and wait in a que until 5 minutes before peformance starts.


Booking for TEF Performance is accepted by E-mail and Fax. Please inform us of your name, phone number, date/ time/ name of the performance, and number of tickets with the caption "Booking for TEF performance" in the subject line.

Fax: +81-(0)3-5766-3742

*Booking of each performance will be closed by 17:00 on the day before the performance or as soon as the seats are fully reserved.
*Payment should be made at the venue on the day of performance.


Traces Collective

Traces Collective was established in 2012 as an ongoing multimedia research project spanning artists in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, and Holland. Currently led by a writer (Japan), composer (U.K.), and choreographer (U.S.), Traces Collective explores relationships between language, movement, and sound as shifting points of departure for generating durational and installation performance work. In its first year, Traces Collective has held residencies, performances and workshops in Germany and the U.K.

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