But Fresh


But Fresh

Emerging Artist Support Program 2012



TitleBut Fresh Emerging Artist Support Program 2012
2012.12.1(Sat) - 2013.1.14(Mon)
11:00 - 19:00
Organize Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
TWS Hongo
 Hiroyuki Yoshizawa

The program inviting young exhibition organizers to apply with concrete plans for art shows.
We call for exhibition proposals from artists planning exhibitions with their own participation and aspiring planners (curators) . Selected projects will receive support from Tokyo Wonder Site, to be put into practice in the form of exhibitions at TWS Hongo.

The world is presently standing at a significant turning point, whereas we in our role as initiators in the realm of art and culture need to redefine our mission, and review the meaning of hosting exhibitions. It is a phase of fundamental reconsideration of all kinds of things and events we used to take for granted without much reflection. One notable recent trend is a shift in the perception of art, regarding artworks no longer as mere objects, but looking for a new definition of art in the pursuit of reality through creative acts and processes. The 2012 edition, the 7th in this series, aims to readdress the questions, "What kinds of location and experimentation are really needed now? And what should an exhibition as a public event be like?"

This year an extra award from the curation seminar is given to one proposal in addition to the three selected winners.

Taro Izumi Magmodo 2002, DVD 

Tanishi K The road to Yokohama 2001, Performance View at Tokyu Toyoko Line

Selected Exhibition

upDate 2011111111111s

Organizer: Mirak Jamal and Nine Yamamoto-Masson

From the lleca to the cohue: Photography in penitentiary centers 

Organizer: Helena Acosta

But Fresh 

Organizer: Hiroyuki Yoshizawa

Extra Award from the curation seminar

TOC [toasters city / country / cosmos] 

Organizer: Kana Takahashi

But Fresh

In the literary world it is often said that a novelist's qualities are all contained in his or her first book, and the same probably applies also to an artist's debut work. Then again, re-recordings of musicians reinterpreting their own songs clearly indicate their respective individual attitudes. When an artist reworks a previously made piece from a contemporary point of view, the question is how he/she feels about it, and which part of the work should be changed and which shouldn't. In either case, the outcome certainly reflects the real amplitude of that artist's of emotions.
Six artists who have been following in the footsteps of conceptual art, Fluxus, the High Red Center group and other branches of art history primarily in the fields of performance, video and installation, create remakes of their respective debut works, and introduce the resulting 2012 versions in this exhibition. By focusing on the starting points and digging deep into the intentions behind each of these works rather than looking only at the surface, the exhibition aims to be an occasion for the artists, curators and visitors alike to explore the basics of the human appetite for self-expression, and function as a foundation for art in the 2010s. 


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