IMAGINARY MUSEUM of the O-collection - magical museum tour Room 6

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IMAGINARY MUSEUM of the O-collection - magical museum tour Room 6

"Fumiaki Akahane & Toshiyuki Konishi – new new painting"




TitleIMAGINARY MUSEUM of the O-collection - magical museum tour Room 6
"Fumiaki Akahane & Toshiyuki Konishi – new new painting"
Date 2008.9.27(Sat) - 2008.11.10(Mon)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
Satoshi Okada, Representative, Art Acephale
TWS Hongo
Fumiaki Akahane / Toshiyuki Konishi

Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo is to host an exciting new exhibition in the IMAGINARY MUSEUM of the O-collection - magical museum tour. This latest installment in the series is Room 6 "Fumiaki Akahane & Toshiyuki Konishi - new new painting".
This latest show, the continuation of a series launched last year, is like the others composed of works from the collection of Mr. Satoshi Okada. Our aim is to provide a permanent venue for works by emerging Japanese contemporary artists similar to the permanent exhibitions in an art museum. In conjunction with the series, programs such as TWS-Emerging and INDEX#4 involving students and young artists in their 20s and 30s are being run to help forge ties among artists, and artists and art lovers. Two shows were exhibited last year to considerable acclaim: Room 1: Kuwahara & Kato - According to the "basso ostinato" of Japanese traditional mentality and Room 2: Yuichi Higashionna, Daisuke Ohba & Akiyoshi Mishima - Design and Soul.
The Okada collection includes numerous leading works by emerging Japanese artists, but selected from unconventional perspectives while the artists in question were still unknown. The collection could also be described as an attempt to explore the depths of what it means to be human, including the irrationality of human nature. In that the works here reflect and convey the diverse sensibilities emanating from the megalopolis of Tokyo, they go beyond the confines of a personal collection to present a universal challenge. This show in a series of rooms at an imaginary art museum has been running for approximately five months. The final show for this year, Room 6 showcases the work of Toshiyuki Konishi and Fumiaki Akahane.
My encounter with these artists came as a result of a strange chain of coincidences. Both of them are somewhat disciples of Izumi Kato, who was featured in Room 1 of this museum. For quite a while I think painting has been absent from its position at, arguably, the top of fine art, and for someone like me who really likes paintings, it was a pretty sad period to go through. But then this young generation of painters luckily came along and set things straight again. These artists who, in terms of age, could well be my sons, are to the art world what they call "enfants terribles" I suppose.
(Satoshi Okada Representative, Art Acephale)

Fumiaki Akahane《untitled》2007

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KONISHI Toshiyuki