Summer Kids Workshop | paramodel

Summer Kids Workshop | paramodel



TitleSummer Kids Workshop | paramodel
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Arts Program and Residency Division
TWS Residency
NAKANO Yusuke (paramodel)

TWS is holding "Summer Kids Workshop" by NAKANO Yusuke, who is a member of an art unit "paramodel", as a part of the Educational Program. The art unit is known for creating installations using "Plarail"; a set of railway toys, as well as making various objects and drawings. The workshop will focus on the color of "blue" which the artists often use in their works. The participants will learn about the different art works that use color of blue especially those ukiyo-e prints of KATSUSHIKA Hokusai, who was born in Sumida ward where the workshop will take place. After the lecture, kids will be drawing pictures in blue (Session 1) and will be making 3D objects by anything blue (Session 2). All the drawings and objects will be laid down at the studio to create a mysterious blue town with mountains and rivers. You can join both classes if you wish. Let's enjoy your creativity by observing and making art!
*Available only in Japanese.

Date:August 20(Sun) ①Session 1:10:00-12:30 ②Session 2:14:30-17:00

Capacity: 15 members for each Session

Target: Above primary school children (Adults are welcome)

Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Residency
130-0023 Arts Kikukawa 1F, 2-14-7 Tatekawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
(Access: /static/tws/english/residency/map.html )

TEL: 03-5625-4433

Message from artist
We have been created art works with "blue" color, such as connecting blue plarails in the whole room and making blue drawings.
Searching about the blue color, it seems that famous painter who was born in Sumida, KATSUSHIKA Hokusai also had made drawings such as Mt. Fuji and Sumida river by using the blue color called indigo. Let's think about "blue" and this city, Sumida while creating the mistical town with full use of blue! 



Born in Osaka in 1976. Graduated with an MFA in Japanese Painting from Kyoto City University of Arts. Specially appointed associate professor at Faculty of Art, Kyoto Seika University from fisccal year 2017. Started art unit 'paramodel' with HAYASHI Yasuhiko in 2003. Utilizing the parallax and relationships of these two indivisuals hardly ever intersect, they manage to work in parallel towards the same vision to create art work in various format as metaphisical "practice of remodeling paradice". Selected exhibitions: "para-modeling / Chimerical Scheme of Paramodellia : paramodel", Ginza Maison Hermes, Tokyo, 2013, "Way of Worldmaking", The National Museum of Art, Osaka, 2011, "the world according to paramodel", Otani Memorial Art Museum, Nishinomiya, Hyogo, 2010. Participated in TWS program; "Diorama of the City: Between Site & Space", TWS Shibuya, 2008 , "Open House 2008" , TWS Aoyama, 2008.

Tales of Our Hole & Long Passage 01, 2015 print on diazo paper 

"paramodulaetion" Installation view (Nizayama Forest Art Museum,2015)
Photo: Yanagihara Photo Office

paramodelic - graffiti, 2008 "Diorama of the City: Between Site & Space" Installation view (TWS Shibuya, 2008)
Photo: paramodel

How to register

Please send us an E-mail ( ) titled `Summer Kids Workshop' with the information below (①~⑤). You can also contact us via phone.

 ①Your child name
 ②Age, school year
 ③Gardian's name
 ④Telephone number
 ⑤Schedule you wish to participate (①Session 1 ②Session 2 ③Both) *Registration deadline: 8/17(Thu) first-come bases.
*Prior booking required.
Contact: Tokyo Wonder Site Office, Summer Kids Workshop
135-0016 7-3-5 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo (Located in MOT Temporary Office)
TEL:03-5633-6373  Email:workshop (at)

Participating Creator

NAKANO Yusuke (Paramodel)