Talk Event "upDate 2011111111111s"

Talk Event "upDate 2011111111111s"

upDate 2011111111111s

Date: December 11(Tue) 19:00-
Venue: Goethe-Institut Tokyo, Raum 207
Organizer: Goethe-Institut Tokyo
Participating Artists: Mirak Jamal, Nine Yamamoto-Masson

Two artist-curators, Mirak Jamal, Nine Yamamoto-Masson will discuss the ontology of the project and open its genesis and context to the panel and the audience. Points of interest will be the question of how to delegate an event; how art can participate in a debate about major geopolitical shifts; how art acts as a vector to connect local contexts to a global scale; how an artwork calls the recent past to our present and projects into the future.

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