3.11 Reconstruction Support | Future Auction

3.11 Reconstruction Support | Future Auction

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Title3.11 Reconstruction Support | Future Auction
Date2011.4.16(Sat) - 2011.4.17(Sun)
Time11:00 - 17:00
Admission1000 Yen
ACT FOR JAPAN / Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
VenueTWS Shibuya
Sales of the works for the future.
Tokyo Wonder Site will be co-organizing an event with "ACT FOR JAPAN", a 3.11 reconstruction support action facilitated by artists and creators.

"Future Auction" is an unique form of an auction, where rather than purchasing already-made works, visitors are able to bid for "production rights for the future" by featured photographers and artists. All proceeds will go to Japan Earthquake: Think the Earth Fund.

The themes of the projects depend on the artist; we have set preliminary ideas and concepts, but those are to be changed after conversations with the artists.

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