【TCAA】Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2022-2024 Award winners have been Announced

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The Tokyo Contemporary Art Award (TCAA) has been presented to mid-career artists since 2018 to encourage new breakthroughs in their work, both in Japan and overseas and two winners for TCAA 2022–2024, the fourth edition of this contemporary art award is announced.

The Winners

TSUDA Michiko
Tsuda Michiko produces a diverse range of installations and performance pieces that incorporate characteristics of video media. She creates maze-like spaces with simple structures and video equipment to blur the boundary between performer and spectator through a disorienting visual experience that alters the audience’s perception and physical sensation of the space. Since 2016, Tsuda has also been one half of artist u “baby tooth” with Kamimura Megumi. Together they hold performance lectures that closely analyze and reenact the choreography of characters from Ozu Yasujiro’s films to visualize issues such as the underlying distance between individuals and the role of women in society.

Saeborg is an imperfect cyborg that is half human and half toy. In performances and exhibitions both in Japan and abroad, Saeborg creates latex bodysuits through which she can artificially transcend physical characteristics such as age and gender. In her performances, she employs colorful and deformed representations of insects and livestock, including female cattle and pigs. These performances at first seem bright and playful, but they touch on issues of human cruelty and animal consumption as well as social issues like nursing and care. Her work defies characterization by simple dichotomies of strong and weak or benefactor and beneficiary, facing head-on the issues of coexistence and acceptance of diversity.

Award Ceremony and Symposium
VenueB2 Auditorium, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
TCAA website

*The details will be available on the TCAA website at a later date.
*Subject to alteration according to the state of the COVID-19 infection.


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