【TOKAS Hongo】OPEN SITE: Ticket booking is available now!

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This year all events and performances at OPEN SITE 5 require booking, so please do not miss this opportunity!
See below for the detailed dates of events, and please note that all events will be conducted in Japanese (except Chloë Delanghe’s talk in English).

【Opening Talk (Admission free)】
Part 1: 2020/11/21 (Sat) 16:00 – 17:00
Guest: HATANAKA Minoru (Chief Curator, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC])
Artists: OIWA Euske, GOMPEI Chihiro, MORIOKA Miki

Part 2: 2021/1/9 (Sat) 16:00 – 17:00
Guest: KOBAYASHI Haruo(Director, blanClass)
Artists: IINUMA Tamami, KAMIMURA Yoichi, KUROSAWA Seiha

【Exhibition: Artists’ events (Admission free)】
・GOMPEI Chihiro and MORIOKA Miki: 2020/12/12 (Sat)

・OIWA Euske: 2020/12/13 (Sun)

・IINUMA Tamami: 2021/1/23 (Sat), 1/30 (Sat), 2/6 (Sat)

・KAMIMURA Yoichi + KUROSAWA Seiha: 2021/1/24 (Sun)

【dot: Artists’ events(Admission free)】
・Pareidolian: 2020/11/27 (Fri)-11/29 (Sun)

・Chloë DELANGHE: 2020/12/5 (Sat) *Cancellation of this event 

・Back and Forth Collective: 2020/12/19 (Sat), 12/20 (Sun)

【Performance (Admission paid)】
・Doubutsuenzoo: 2021/1/15 (Fri)-1/17 (Sun)

・egonaku: 2021/1/29 (Fri)-1/31 (Sun)

・y/n: 2021/2/5 (Fri)-2/7 (Sun)

For further information please visit OPEN SITE 5.