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Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) calls for project proposals for OPEN SITE 9, which will be held at TOKAS Hongo from Nobember, 2024 to February, 2025. In the last year OPEN SITE 8, 9 projects including curation projects, performances and interactive events were selected from 215 applications following a strict selection process. We are looking for creative projects which explore new expression/art/culture reflecting the contemporaneous sociality.

Application Overview 

Proposal must fulfill all conditions below.

(1) Projects that can be realized using a space such as: Exhibitions, Installations, Research presentations, Performing arts, Films and Audio-visual works, Lectures, Symposiums or Workshops and any other projects which are related to above or combined projects.
(2) Projects which explore new expression/art/culture reflecting the contemporaneous sociality.
(3) Projects which are well structured and have unique originalities.

Format of Presentation 

A. Exhibition (Exhibition period: about a month / Admission: Free of charge)
B. Performance (Execution period: 6 days / Ticket price must be set)
C. dot (Execution period: 6 days / Admission: Free of charge)

<OPEN SITE 8 Exhibition>
"Can't Remember I Forgot You"

<OPEN SITE 8 Performance>
"I Hear Your Breath"

<OPEN SITE 8 dot>
“6steps / place the choreography @ TOKAS Hongo” 


Candidates must fulfill conditions below.

(1) Be able to take responsibilities for planning, preparations, and executions of projects.
(2) Candidates who have passed the first selection must attend the interview in the second selection.
* The interview can be done online if the candidate lives in a place far from Tokyo.
(3) The organizer shall be responsible for all set-up and removal, including arrangements for necessary personnel. In particular, if the organizer is not available at the time of dismantling, they should take measures such as appointing a representative.

Support by TOKAS 

(1) Providing a space at TOKAS Hongo for projects for free of charge.
(2) Providing a subsidy for productions of works and projects as follows. *Tax will apply.  
     A. Exhibition: 400,000 JPY  
     B. Performance: 200,000 JPY  
     C. dot: 100,000 JPY
(3) Installation support
     A. Exhibition: TOKAS will hire a professional installation team to offer a part of the installation support; i.e. painting walls, installing equipment etc. (Conditions will apply)
     B. Performance: Stage management support and subsidy of 200,000JPY will be provided.
(4) Transportation support
     A. Exhibition/ B. performance: Max. 200,000JPY will be provided.
     C. dot: 20,000 JPY
(5) The ticket revenue of each project will be given as artist fee. *Performance
(6) Publication of exhibition leaflet *Optional for Exhibition
(7) TOKAS Residency as accommodation for those who live in places far from Tokyo. *Exhibition, Performance
(8) Assisting a part of PR and management of the project

*Please refer the application outline, which is included in the application package, for the details.


Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo (2-4-16 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033, Japan)

Execution Period 

Part 1: 2024/11/23 (Sat)~2024/12/22 (Sun)
Part 2: 2025/1/11 (Sat) ~2025/2/9 (Sun)
*Performance and dot participants can use the venue for 6 days in the execution period for the preparation and execution of their projects.  
*Closed on Mondays (except holidays).

Jury Members 

KISHIMOTO Kako(Artistic Director, BUoY)
KOBAYASHI Haruo(Director, blanClass)
HATANAKA Minoru(Chief curator, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC])
KONDO Yuki(Program Director, Tokyo Arts and Space)

Selection Process and the Schedule 

(1) First Selection (Document screening by jury members): Late April, 2024
(2) Second Selection (Presentations and interviews by jury members): May 26 (Sun), 2024
(3) The final results will be announced through TOKAS website in the Mid. June, 2024.

Application period 

2024/2/28 (Wed) - 2024/3/30 (Sat) at 23:59 (JST)
*Upload data materials: by 2024/4/6 (Sat) at 23:59 (JST)

Application Fee 


How to Apply 

(1) Download the Application Package (zip file).

(2) Fill in the "A. Registration Form" and send it by Email.
  [Submission Deadline] March 30 (Sat), 2024 at 23:59 (JST)
 *Do NOT send other materials than "A. Registration Form." 

(3) Upon receipt of the application, TOKAS will send you a confirmation and inform you of URL to upload Application materials within four working days.
    [Materials to submit] B. Project Plan Sheet, C. Floor plan, Portfolio, video/music data files. 
    [Submission Deadline] April 6 (Sat), 2024 at 23:59 (JST) 


Q. Is there an age limit for applying?
A. No. There is no age limit.

Q. Can we apply as a group?
A. Yes, you can. If the applicant is different from the representative of the group, please apply with applicant's name and his/her information. The representative's name should be mentioned in the Group Name field with the name of the group. Please include group's CV in the portfolio.

Q. I am living in abroad, is airline ticket and accommodation fee covered by TOKAS?
A. TOKAS will provide only subsidy for participants as mentioned in "Application Outline". TOKAS offers TOKAS Residency for those who live in places far from Tokyo only during the installing and de-installing period. However, as the numbers of rooms are limited, we cannot always accommodate. Please see "Notices and Instructions" for more detail.

Q. Can I apply more than two projects?
A. Yes, you can. But please submit application forms for each project.

Q. Is it possible to obtain sponsorship or funding from companies, organizations, etc. for the execution of the project?
A. Yes, it is possible to obtain sponsors, except funding by Arts Council Tokyo, which is run by the same foundation as TOKAS.

Q. Is there any additional financial support besides subsidy?
A. Along with the subsidy, TOKAS will support transportation fee and installation (or stage management) cost. These will be paid in the amounts stated in the application guidelines, and there are no stipulations as to the purpose for which they will be used. No receipt will be required. TOKAS will NOT supply airline tickets nor per-diem. 

■Application Documents
Q. When typing in the form with Adobe Reader, I cannot adjust the font size that my texts don't fit in the form. How can I fix it?
A. The application form is pre-set with font size and number of words limitation by TOKAS. Please do not change the setting as it may cause faults and TOKAS is not responsible for this.

Q. Which name should I apply with, if I have an artist name which is different from my real name?
A. Please write your real name on the applicant section, and your artist name on the group name section.

Q. We are applying as a group, can we submit our portfolio in 5 pages per artist?
A. Please compile your portfolio 5 pages as a group.

■Format of presentation
Q. My project can be executed in Exhibition, Performance and dot categories. Can I apply all?
A. Please submit application documents per category.

Q. What is unique about dot category?
A. dot is suited for admission-free events such as workshops, symposiums, lectures, and short-term exhibitions. 

Q. Is it possible to have talk events or performances during the exhibition period?
A. Yes it is. Please note that participants are not allowed to charge any admission fee for the artist's event. Also it is necessary to consult with TOKAS to execute any artist’s events in advance. No events that are not acknowledged by TOKAS in advance is allowed to take place.

Q. Are there any equipment we can use for free in TOKAS?
A. In principle, the organizer is responsible for arranging necessary materials and equipment for the implementation of the project. However, TOKAS equipment may be used upon coordination with TOKAS.

Q. Is it possible to use more than 2 spaces (Space A, B, C)?
A. 1 project can use 1 space only. 

Q. I am working on new work that will not be ready by the deadline for material submission. What can I write on the work list, or what to submit instead?
A. Please indicate as work-in-progress for these you are planning to create. The size and material details are to be mentioned as much as you know by the point of submission. In the portfolio, please include related works and conceptional drawings if any.

Q. Can I use paint in the gallery spaces?
A. Only water-based paint is permitted to use. No oil-based nor pencils. The floor must be covered when using paint and it is mandatory for the participants to recover the spaces to its original condition.

Q. If my project can be executed in either space, should I submit floorplans for all spaces?
A. It is not necessary to prepare all floor plans. However, TOKAS may ask to change the space from what is preferred in the application form to another depends on other candidates' plans. 

Q. Are the artworks covered by any insurance while on display? I noticed they are not covered during installation/de-installation.
A. TOKAS will purchase insurance for damage or loss of artworks due to unavoidable accident during the exhibition period. However, insurance may not apply to some works depending on their contents. Please purchase insurance on your own if necessary.

Q. How many seats can be placed in the venue?
A. Depending on how to set the seating area. However, since the venue is normal gallery space and there is no sloping, 40 seats are appropriate to have a whole stage view from each seat.

Q. Are there any equipment we can use for free in TOKAS?
A. Participants must arrange all necessary materials and equipment for execution of their project by their own responsibilities. TOKAS can provide some of tools for installation and de-installation.

Q. Is it possible to sell catalogue or products?
A. No money handling is prohibited for any reasons including donation or sales except ticket sales.

Q. Is it possible to serve drink and food?
A. Participants are not allowed to serve food/drink to visitors/audiences in general. 


OPEN SITE Administration Office
Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo
Email: opensite9(at)
*Please change (at) to @.
*We will not accept any inquiries by phone.