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Local Creator Residency Program 2024

For Japan-based creators

"Local Creator Residency Program" aims to invite distinguished and highly motivated Japan-based creators in the field of visual art, film, design, architecture, and to give opportunities to work in Tokyo. For the period from May to July 2024, two Japan-based creators who would engage in creative activities based on the theme "Beyond Divisions." Together with two creators of "International Creator Residency Program (Theme Projects)," the 4 creators who work on the theme will seek to actively exchange ideas on the cultural differences in thoughts, recognitions, actions and languages, while working independently on their own projects. The result of their residency will be presented at the Open Studio and Result Exhibition.


Based on the theme: "Beyond Divisions"
Residency Period: 3 months from the beginning of May to the end of July, 2024
Number of Creators: 2 creators
Disciplines: Visual art, film, design, and architecture
What TOKAS Residency offers: Airfare, living expenses (per diem), fee for creative work/project and living space (single room)
Studio/workspace: Shared studio

*This program provides opportunities for Japan-based creators to exchange with international creators while staying in Tokyo.

Outline / Application Package
Application Deadline

Deadline for application (documents): June 26 (Mon), 2023, 18:00 (JST)
Deadline for application (materials): July 3 (Mon), 2023, 23:00 (JST) 

How to apply

Download the "Outline" and "Application Package" above and send all materials to TOKAS Residency.
*Application only in Japanese.

*You may apply for "Research Residency Program" at the same time. (Please check "Eligibility" in each outline). Please fill in each of application forms and send them together.

*If you apply as a duo, please see the FAQ below before you apply.


Q1. Is there an age limit for application?
A. No, there is not.

Q2. I have participated in TOKAS residency program before. Can I apply for these residency programs again?
A. You can. However, if you have participated in the International Creator Residency Program or Local Creator Residency Program before, you cannot apply for the same program again.

Q3. I will be finishing my master's degree soon. Am I eligible to apply for your residency?
A. If you are not a student at the time of participation in the program, and if you have 5 years or more of experience in your specialized area of expertise, you are eligible.

Q4. Can I apply for this program as a duo?
A. Yes. Please see also the following FAQ related to “Applying as a Duo.”

Application Form

Q5. When I create a document in Adobe Reader, the font size is not adjustable and the text at the end is cut off. What should I do?
A. The application forms have specific settings for font size and number of characters. If you change the settings by yourself, it may cause problems. Please use Adobe Reader to fill in the form so that it fits within the frame of the form.

Letter of Recommendation

Q6. Which address should I fill in the form of the address of referee? An address of home or affiliation?
A. Please fill with the address of your referee’s affiliation. If your referee works as a freelance, you could put his/her home address.

Q7. Is there any format for the letters of recommendation?
A. There is no specific one. Please state the relationship between the applicant and referees, and reasons for recommending the applicant to this program.

Q8. According to the outline, referees should be specialized in the fields of art and culture. Does it include overseas professionals? Are freelance curators and artists eligible?
A. Yes. Letters of recommendation which state the relationship between the applicant and referees, and reasons for recommending the applicant to this program are valid.

Applying as a Duo

Q9. If we apply for these programs as a duo, can we get financial support for each?
A. No. Living expenses and fee for the creative work/project will be offered for one person. Transportation fee will be provided for both of the duo. (TOKAS will provide the cost equivalent to the round-trip travel expenses from the nearest station to his/her home to TOKAS Residency.)

Q10. Can we apply together in one single application since we are working as a duo?
A. Please fill in the Application Forms separately and send the forms together. However, please note that Section "Artist Statement, Purpose of your residency and Activity Plan"- 2) and 3) of the Application Form should be the same.

Q11. Do you accept letters of recommendation provided as a duo? Or should we submit an individual letter each?
A. We accept one letter of recommendation provided for a duo.

Q12. It will be our first time working as a duo, so there is no one whom we can refer to as witness to our past activities as duo. Would it be acceptable for us to just submit one reference letter to our individual practices instead?
A. If you haven’t worked as a duo before, please submit one letter of recommendations for each member of duo. (2 letters in total)   

Residence Facilities

Q12. What sorts of facilities do you offer to the successful candidates?
A. Please read through Section "TOKAS Residency Facilities" in the Application Outline.

Other questions

Q13. Will there be an opportunity to show my result at TOKAS?
A. Yes, you could participate in a result exhibition in the following fiscal year at TOKAS Hongo.

Q14. Is it possible to travel around Japan for my artwork and research, or am I restricted to remain in Tokyo?
A. Artists participating in the program are expected to focus on their new work during the residency period. If you need to stay outside our residency for your work or research, you have to consult in advance.

Q15. Do I have to fund myself for additional accommodation and travel expenses elsewhere in Japan, or is there any help?
A. We will not provide any financial support for additional accommodation and travel expenses elsewhere in Japan.

Q16. Can I bring my family/ partner with me?
A. No. We offer accommodations only for the participating creators.

Q17. I will be abroad at the time of the second selection. May I attend an interview online?
A. If you are away from Tokyo or staying overseas at that moment, we could set up an online interview. Please consult with us when we inform you of the result of the screening process.


*Please change [at] to @

*For inquiries which are not listed in the FAQ part above, please contact us by e-mail by June 2 (Fri), 2023.
We will update the FAQ on this website after June 9 (Fri), 2023.
Please note that in principle, we cannot answer each inquiry individually.