OPEN SITE!! New open call program is launched

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OPEN SITE!! New open call program is launched

OPEN SITE further develops TWS major open call programs Tokyo Experimental Festival and Emerging Artists Support Program. For over 10 years, each program has supported cross-genre experimental performances and those who aspire to plan and carry out exhibitions.

Calling has been closed. Thank you very much for your submission. Final result will be announced on TWS website, as well as informed to each applicants.


OPEN SITE opens the door to accept multiangular activities in creative fields. By this program, TWS will strive to make it to be a new platform for future art and to be a venue for creators from all genres to interact. Its primary theme, "OPEN SITE," represents its charge to work together with others to create a "site". Not only the planning of performance or exhibition, OPEN SITE also supports that of all: screening, lecture, workshop, symposium, presentation of research, etc. TWS expands the support to the successful candidates in this new program: subsidies, providing accommodation for residing overseas.

This program is classified into 2 categories based on the way of presentation: Project A and Project B. We covet your plan strongly motivated to present new sensation by making free use of the space at TWS Hongo.

Calling for

(1) Any project proposals to be realized in OPEN SITE 2016-2017 which fulfill following two conditions.
- Projects which explores new expression/ art/ culture, and tries to open up to societies.
- Projects which are well structured and have unique originalities.

(2) Also, a proposal should follow one of the two Project Types below.
* Project A (Duration Based)
- Projects that have DURATION OF TIME.
(e.g.: music, dance, theater works, films & videos, symposiums, workshops etc.)

* Project B (Space Baced)
- Projects that can be realized using an EXHIBITION SPACE.
(e.g.: exhibitions of 2D works, 3D works, design, media art, display of research studies etc.)

Supports by TWS

(1) Providing a space for the project for free of charge.
(2) Providing subsidy
* Project A:
- 100,000JPY (residents in Japan)
- 200,000JPY (overseas residents)
- Returning 90% of ticket revenue
* Project B:
- 300,000JPY (residents in Japan)
- 400,000JPY (overseas residents)
(3) Providing accommodation in TWS Residency (for overseas residents only)
(4) Assisting a part of PR and management of the project

Jury Members

- Masahiro Miwa (Composer, Media Artist/ Professor, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS])
- Minoru Hatanaka (Senior Curator, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC])
- Atsushi Sugita (Art Critic/ Professor, Joshibi University of Art and Design)
- Yusaku Imamura (Director, Tokyo Wonder Site)
- Minori Kuroda (Director of Arts Program and Residency Division, Tokyo Wonder Site)

Program Period
October 15 (Sat), 2016 - March 26 (Sun), 2017
* Period is divided into four terms.
* Conditions are different depending on Project A or Project B.
* Please refer to Application Outline for more details.


Tokyo Wonder Site HONGO
(2-4-16 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 JAPAN)

Applicants must fulfill all conditions below:
(1) Be able to take responsibilities for planning, preparations, and executions of projects.
(2) Candidates who have passed the second selections must attend the interview in the third selection.
* The interview can be done by Skype if the candidate lives abroad or in a place far from Tokyo.

Application Fee


Application Deadline

May 23 (Mon), 2016

selection process

(1) First Selection: Document screening by TWS.
(2) Second Selection: Document screening by jury members.
(3) Third Selection: Presentations and interviews by jury members.
- Place: Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo (provisional)
- Date: June 26 (Sun) and July 3 (Sun), 2016 (provisional)

How to Apply
Download "Application Package" below and read "Application Outline" included in each package.

Project A (Duration Based) >>
Project B (Space Based)>>


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